Sports Voucher Scheme

Urban and Remote Sports Voucher Scheme

Softball NT accepts Urban and Remote Sports Vouchers and encourage the use of them.

Urban Sports Vouchers are commonly provided as a $100 gift voucher to individuals to be used in assisting with the financial cover of sporting and recreational activities for children in school.

This voucher can be used for a number of different things including:

  • Game fees
  • Registration
  • Insurance
  • Uniform purchases
  • Equipment etc.

How does this help Softball NT?
By supporting the sports vouchers that are provided by most schools in the NT, we are working with our schools and local communities to help get our children involved in physical activity. This also helps to lower the out of pocket expense for parents who have their children involved in sports which can lead to more young people joining and an increase in our players and membership across the NT.

Remote Sports Vouchers are more often conjoined and used as a wholistic figure to cater to and support the Community who may request to have different sporting and recreational activities and programs run in their region. Although involving our younger generation is a high priority, Softball NT also works with community representatives to provide programs to all ages and build a fun and welcoming environment to everyone.

How does this help Softball NT?
Again, supporting the sports vouchers is a great way to help our services and programs be more cost effective to schools and communities catering to not just the school kids, but others in the community as well. The biggest expense to Softball NT is the cost of traveling to service our remote communities. This funding assists us to get out to the remote areas and helps service the whole of the territory.

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