Sporting Schools

Sporting Schools is a $400 million Australian Government initiative designed to help schools increase children's participation in sport and connect them with community sport opportunities.

Softball NT can deliver/facilitate a fully funded Softball Batter Up (SBU) program to your primary schools at no cost via the program.

Softball Australia endorses and offers the SBU program through Sporting Schools. SBU has been developed in line with the Playing for Life philosophy which introduces participants to fundamental skills of softball using the "GAMES SENSE" and "CHANGE-IT" models.

Through a variety of fun based activities and games, the program will develop physical fitness, social skills and an understanding of the game.

Once you have registered your school and applied for funding, you will need to identify and connect with a local coach. Softball NT can provide a coach to you or can train a teacher, parent or volunteer to run the SBU program. Each session runs from 45-60 minutes and a minimum of 4x sessions per program is required.

Sporting Schools is available to remote community schools.

Additional funding can be sought for special circumstances (location or demographic) including at least one of the following:

  • Is a Special Education school
  • Have students with special needs
  • Located in an Indigenous community
  • Have students that identify as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples
  • Located in a regional or remote location

For full details of the Sporting Schools program please click here

To book a program or find out more please contact Softball NT