Wheelchair Softball

Wheelchair and Disability Softball

Softball NT now have ability to run Wheelchair Softball in Darwin. We have access to user friendly wheelchairs for participation. The wheelchair softball program is designed to cater to all ability levels, being those wheelchair users and also those who are fully able but wish to take on the challenge of being in a wheelchair.

It is a great way to be active whatever the occasion may be. Whether you are a part of a care facility for people with disabilities, or if you wish to try something new with your work friends as a team bonding activity or even if you wish to do it socially to get out and meet new people, everyone is welcome.

Contact Softball NT to discuss how Wheelchair and Disability Softball can be run in your area.

How does this help Softball NT?
By providing a tailored program to cater to those who are less able to move around freely, we are giving a wider population exposure to softball and expanding our reach. This also encourages team work and sportsmanship and gives people another option for a fun social outlet.