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Becoming an Umpire

Our umpiring program continues to be a core part of the Softball Australia landscape.  Our program is involved at all levels of softball from the local grassroots through to the most elite international competitions.

Umpires have endless opportunities in softball and with the support of the leaders at local, state and national levels, umpires can achieve great success and have lots of fun and great memories within our sport.

Today’s new age Umpire requires a unique set of skills to officiate at all levels of our great game.  As an umpire, you must be able to demonstrate great rules knowledge, quick decision-making, an ability to explain and defend decisions and a willingness to keep the game moving at a steady pace.

Umpires are in a position that requires you to be impartial at all times and be seen to have a positive impact and be a good role model to children, young adults, players, coaches, spectators and administrators.

The National Umpiring Committee is structured with 4 Key Focus Areas, information on each is found on this site:

  1. Communications
  2. Development
  3. Operations
  4. Technical.

On Softball Australia's website, you will find lots of information to help you become an umpire, advance your accreditation and stay connected with Blues News

Softball Australia has developed an extensive range of publications, technical and mechanical bulletins along with other educational resources for beginner, intermediate and advanced umpires.

Further assistance and support can be provided through the State Directors and National Umpiring Committee (NUC), refer to the umpiring directory.

Contact the NUC:

If you want to get involved or have any questions contact us.