Team Managing

Welcome to the Softball Australia National Team Manager Program

Our Team Managers are an integral part of the functioning of our sport, coordinating both on-field and off-field logistics for teams of all ages. 

Team Managers must be flexible, alert and organised managing multiple tasks efficiently and effectively. Who assist with the preparation of the team before, during and after games or events. Often standing as a representative and spokesperson for the Team and the sport. 

Team Managers work to optimise the smooth running of training, games and extra activities for the team. Responsible for the overall administration and management of the team. As a Team Manager you will be the liaison person between the team, coaching staff, parents/guardians and office administration. 

Becoming a Team Manager doesn't go without its hardship but is an extremely beneficial and rewarding experience. Fostering personal development and providing many opportunities including travel both nationally and internationally. 

Devlop your Skills:

Softball Australia has created a softball-specific Team Manager course that will help you on your road to becoming a successful and confident Team Manager. 

This course has been designed to be completed remotely in your own time, so there is no need to attend a class or be in a classroom. Completing this course will provide a greater understanding of the role, helping to develop skills, knowledge and expertise.

Head to our Softball Australia Courses Website to take the course today!

Cost: $45.00

Requirements: Must be registered on the Softball Australia Courses Website

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