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Becoming a Scorer

If you are like most softball scorers in the game, your introduction to scoring was unexpectedly having a scorebook put in your hands and being asked to score.

The key to scoring is to start slow and build your knowledge and skills. Your progression can be as slow or as quick as you desire. Whether you choose to score at a basic or advanced level is your choice and dependent on how much you enjoy the scoring experience.

The motivations and benefits of becoming a scorer are wide and varied – yet all scorers agree that they reap greater rewards from their volunteer role than they had anticipated when they first started scoring.

Whether you are a scorer who has started scoring for your child’s games at club level or whether you aspire to score at international games, we have an extensive National Scoring accreditation program and resources to assist you.

Like all technical roles, to make it to the elite scorer level significant experience is required. Progression from grassroots level through to accreditation at elite level takes at least five years. Either way an interest in softball and some spare time is a great way to start.

To go to Softball Australia's wbesite for accreditaion click here.

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